Sage Educational Psychology Helps Learners & Educators

Sage Educational Psychology Helps Learners and Educators with a variety of assistance:

  • It starts with a free consultation.  Katy will listen to your needs, learn about you and/or your child and create a plan to improve learning and behavior in school.
  • Insightful and thorough Independent Educational Evaluation assists planning for general or special education accommodations.  This evaluation answers the questions: “Are these learning troubles a learning disability?  What is affecting learning?  What kind of help is available and appropriate?”
  • Intervention plans provide helpful ideas for changes (accommodations and modifications) to classroom and home settings. You may find that a few small changes in structure and routine will help learning and solve difficulties.
  • Functional Analysis of classroom behavioral needs uncovers causes of difficult behaviors and creates a behavior intervention plan to help your child make better choices.
  • Experienced and thoughtful learning help is provided for students in private school, public school, nonpublic school and college settings.

Sage Educational Psychology can help!

Sage Educational Psychology provides help for children and adults who are struggling with learning. We work with students who attend public schools, private schools, nonpublic schools and residential schools. We provide effective ways for you to help your child improve behavior and learning. We specialize in behavioral consultation and provide recommendations to end unproductive (“bad”) behavior. We even work with your school to complete Functional Behavioral Analysis to determine the reason for aggressive behavior and create a plan to improve. We also perform special education testing to determine if your child needs an IEP (individualized Education Program). We can help you answer the question, “Does my child have a learning disability?” We can provide help for students who have diagnoses including autism, ADHD, mental illness and other needs. We work with students struggling with executive functioning (planning, organizing, completing work). Call for your free consultation to learn how we will help you make this the best school year yet. Sage Educational Psychology Helping Learners & Educators.

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